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Copyright Policy :

We do not allow any of the user to share any copy right material on and if something found against policy will be removed without prior notice to users. Users involve in sharing pornographic material, Abuse, Spam activities, hate speech discussions and hatred material and comments will be banned from using

PakHeaven do not share anything but users share the videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook. We moderate the videos shared by users.
If someone is official representative to a company having copy right of any video can contact us we will make quick action against copy right material and will remove the copy right content from

In case of Copy Right Complain we replies in just 24 Hours.

Comments Policy : is a source for sharing and discussing Pakistani political views and we do not promote pornographic material, Abuse, Spam activities, hate speech discussions and hatred material and comments. We also encourages our visiters to participate in commentings and discussion but in limits as prescribed here.

We manually review the comments of the users and do not allows anyone to publish illegal comment and we filter the users comments. has the right to block access of any user involved in illegal activities.

Videos Policy :

Videos are embedded over These embed are freely available on internet. Anyone is allowed to embed and iframe the player and videos. Videos are Embeded from Dailymotion, Playwire,, Videoweed, Video Hut Etc and these websites legally allows the users to embed videos.

Live Channels License Stream is providing the license with the help of and Ebound Ntetwork is affiliated with the affiliate content partner with all the official streams. According to DMCA Ebound is authorized to deliver the specific channel list to website developers.
If there is any claim against our material shared over then contact us we will take a quick action to remove it. content partner with almost all the news channels in Pakistan with the help of, Read more on Live Streaming policy page.